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We at Certificate House deliver an end-to-end secure certification process for the participant or student credibly. We secure Executive Education Program Certificates, Academic Degree Certificates, Training Program Certificates, Webinar Certificates, Seminar Certificates, Conference Certificates, Corporate Employment Certificates and Other Certificates/Transcripts.

We will be glad to assist you in finding the right certificate if you can’t find your certificate. We do offer a manual search also.

Downloading Certificate

If you have the Certificate ID, visit VERIFY NOW page and enter the ID. After pressing the FETCH button, it will display the Name, Awarding Body, Date and other metadata about the certificate. If it is perfect, click on Download Link. It will route to the certificate page; there click on the button “Buy” or “Purchase”. In the Checkout page, enter your Name, Email Address and Credit Card information. After the successful validation, you will get routed to the Success page, and there you will find the link to download your certificate.

NO. The download link is valid only for 24 hours of generation.

We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express cards. Both credit cards and debit cards with International Transaction eligibility are accepted.

For Indian users, we have partnered with our associate to pay in your Local Currency. In the Checkout page, select “Razorpay” or “Indian Payments”.

No. We don’t send any certificates over the email in accordance with the GDPR policies. 

Requesting to Index

Any Awarding Body can request to index the certificates. We don’t encourage the requests from Individuals. 

It depends on the volume of certificate being verified and downloaded from the portal. Any Royalty agreed will be included to the payment received from the user. 

Validating Certificate

Yes, the validity of the Certificate is Life Time.

Contact the Issuer. If you want us to do, we will be able to do on your behalf for a small fee.

We believe it is not authentic. We issue the Certificate ID against the data provided by the Awarding Body. Contact Us with a copy of it.