Certificate House

Authentic Way to Get & Verify Certificates

With over 20 years of Authentically Managing Digital Certificates one can retrive or verify the certificate digitatlly.


Search and Retrive Records through the online portal in minutes.

Child’s Play

Authenticate and verify certificate in minutes without waiting in 3 steps.


Every minute 7 certificates are being verified and 3 certificates are bring downloaded.

Future Proof

Designated for future ready and safe from being duplicated.

Cloud Stored

All the certificates are obtained authentically from the Source and stored in the Cloud.

Professionally Secured

Certificates are secured in the Cloud Servers allowing only access.

SINCE 2012

Certificate House is an established digital firm that stores, validates physically issues certificates digitally and allows the users to download the same at any point in time. Since then we have grown and made people retrieve their certificates online securely.

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Reliable & Effective

We at Certificate House deliver an end-to-end secure certification process for the participant or student credibly. We secure Executive Education Program Certificates, Academic Degree Certificates, Training Program Certificates, Seminar Certificates, Conference Certificates, Corporate Employment Certificates and Other Certificates/Transcripts.

GPL licensed! For a full list of our services including support and consultancy for start-up businesses please see the Our Services section of the website.

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Lightning fast! For more information on CGT please see the factsheet we have put together, which is available to download below.

Verify with Confidence

More than 100000 certificates can be authenticated legally online by scanning the QR code in the certificate or by entering its value.

You can search your certificate also and retrive